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What is the right device for me?

New to vaping? Want to quit the stinkys?

There are lots of devices you can use and it can be pretty daunting try to choose the correct one for you! That’s where we come in…

Lighting up a cigarette is easy, but vaping is different it is technical and can take some upkeep. As we spoke about in our ‘Can vaping help me stop smoking‘ blog, vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes and people who have chosen vaping as a quitting aid they are twice as likely to completely kick that habit.

If you want vaping to help you kick the habit you need to balance satisfaction against ease of use. Choose an e-cig that you can easily maintain, an e-liquid that you love the taste of, and to make sure that you actually enjoy vaping. 

There is no single perfect e-cig for everyone. Every vaper wants something different from their vaping experience. Some people feel more satisfied when they are exhaling clouds of vapour, some care more about tasting a nice flavour, others want vaping to feel as close to smoking as possible.

So, in this article we want to help you find the right device for you and let you know about the different options you have when starting out with vaping, but if you have any other questions don’t forget to give us a shout as we are your local vaping experts!

What options do I have?

Disposables – these are a great way for you to see if vaping could be for you without laying out money on a new device. Disposables come pre filled with e-liquid charged and ready to go. Simply open the package and start vaping it’s that simple. Available in a range of styles, flavours and amount of puffs ranging between 300-575 per disposable. With these you may have to be careful with your mindset, available from a lot of the same outlets as cigarettes so be careful not to slip back in the habit of buy a pack of 20.

Starter kits – Generally small discrete with a built in battery and are mouth to lung (MTL). This means that they vape similar to the draw on a cigarette and allow you to vape anywhere from 0mg of nicotine up to 20mg of nicotine. The nicotine strength is normally determined by how many cigarettes you typically smoke per-day. An ideal starter kit available from us would be the Innokin Endura T20-S.

  • Less than 10 a day = 3mg nicotine
  • 10 a day smoker = 6mg nicotine
  • 10-12 a day smoker = 12mg nicotine
  • 20+ a day smoker = 18mg nicotine

Pod Device – a great all rounder and very versatile allowing you to vape large bottle of juice in the lower nicotine strength or the small bottles containing all levels of nicotine (0mg-20mg). Most pod devices allow you to vape MTL or DTL (Direct to Lung) depending on what coil you have installed. Pod devices are extremely popular because of the huge variety. They can come with a built-in battery or external battery pack. These can be worn around your neck on a lanyard. In a variety of sizes from a compact device like a SMOK Nord 2, or larger pod devices like the OXVA Velocity that take a large 21700 battery perfect for the heavy vapers to last them all day. 

Sub OHM Device – This wouldn’t be what we would recommend to someone trying to quit smoking but occasionally this can work for people strong willed and aren’t very nicotine dependent. We see it every day people have seen others vaping and they blow huge clouds and that’s what they want but more often than not a few month down the line they are back on the stinkys. This is because Sub Ohm devices are for the experienced vapers that have reduced there nicotine down to 0-3mg and no longer crave a cigarette.

This doesn’t mean if you have used a starter device for 2 weeks you will never smoke again and it’s time to get a sub ohm device! This also will not work you need to have been on the low strength nicotine for a minimum of 2-3 months before transitioning to a more bulky cloud box. Sub ohm devices are DTL so they don’t vape like you are smoking a cigarette they are designed to give great flavour, huge clouds and generally decent battery life. If you are an experienced vaper and want a new device why not check out the, SMOK Rigel.

Still need more help?

No problem, we are your local vape experts, just give us a shout on 01634 712400 or pop in the store (when we are allowed to open our doors again) and we can talk through your options! 

Remember if you are ordering hardware online it’s best to give the store a call to check on colour availability.