The Collection Vol:1 – Vol:2



The Collection Vol:1 – Vol:2 by Ohmbrew

The Collection is an exciting new series of premium e-liquids. Hand-crafted for vapers, by vapers using only the finest ingredients the world has to offer. Let each volume tell you its own story – encapsulating the vaper in a journey through time and distance. 


The Collection Volume 1: The Grand Re-Opening

Dom Blue Spritz

This is not your average bottle of fizz. We’ve sailed across the channel to hand-pick the very finest grapes from the vineyards in Southern France. As we finally step out of what seemed to be a never ending lockdown, vapers everywhere rejoiced! It’s now time to celebrate – and what better way to mark the occasion than with a good old bottle of bubbly. 

The goal of The Collection is simple – to provide vapers with not only a premium-crafted liquid they’ve always desired, but to bring them along in the journey to a new experience. 

Each of our volumes are ‘limited editions’ – so you’ll need to get moving fast if you want to collect all five.

The Collection Volume 2: We’ll Always Have Summer

Pink Gin Fizz & Cucumber Tonic

Refreshing strawberry and raspberry infused Pink Gin with a subtle touch of a tonic fizz and freshly-sliced cucumber.

Who doesn’t love the summer time? Although we can’t travel to foreign destinations, let’s stay positive and remember – we’ll always have summer.


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