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Big Bold Fruity Ice





Big Bold Fruity Ice

Featuring a 0mg nicotine strength, each bottle of Big Bold Fruity Ice also has room for two 10ml nic shots (even if you’ve added a menthol shot). Shortfills like this offer the quickest way to create larger amounts of e-liquid that contain nicotine.

Blackcurrant ice – Discover the perfect blend of sweet, sun-kissed blackcurrant and ice freshness. It’s like a comforting, homely hug with a refreshing but welcome twist.

Honey Melon Ice – Savour the flavour of smooth sweetened honeydew and ripe watermelon. Served on the rocks for maximum frozen refreshment.

Lemon Lime ice – Imagine the zest of fresh lemon and the tang of lime. Perfectly chilled with the crispness of ice. It’s like a cool breeze on a sunny day to lift your spirit.

Mango Passion ice – Picture the luscious embrace of ripe mango and the exotic allure of passionfruit, both caressed by the cool touch of ice. The perfect palate cleanser.

Sweet Pineapple ice – It’s like a tropical oasis in your own back yard, a delightful fusion of succulent sweetened pineapple lovingly kissed by a refreshing chill.

70/30 vg/pg

How many nic shots do I add to 100ml? If you have a larger bottle – say a 100ml (when you’re really ready to commit to a flavour) they’ll come with enough space for two nicotine shots meaning you pop two in for the same 3mg strength.

Do nic shots add flavour? A Nicotine Booster or Nic Shot is a 10ml bottle of nicotine that’s mixed with PG and VG. It is flavourless and should only be added to Nicotine 0mg free e-liquid.


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