Juice ‘N’ Power Salt



Juice ‘N’ Power Nicotine Salts


Available in 5, 11, and 20mg nicotine strength.


Bubble-gum Rainbow

Got a sweet tooth? Relive your childhood with the irresistibly sugary fragrance of Shock Bubble-gum. Its surely the sweetest scent around.

Caramel Milkshake

An irresistible indulgent blend of tasty caramel and creamy milkshake to give your mouth the sweetest, most indulgent taste sensation.

Kiwi Honeydew Mint

Take a ride to remember and experience true flavour sensation with a honeydew and berry partnership topped off with a refreshing kiwi mint.

Mango Medley

An explosive eruption of delicious sweet mangoes combined with luscious peaches sending powerful waves through your mouth.

Melon Berries

A Flawless combination of powerful, ripe melons and eruptive lashings of freshly juiced wild berries generating a flavoursome vortex on your palate

Rainbow Sweets

Feel the fun and explore new taste dimensions with Rainbow Sweets. Blast your tongue into hyperdrive with a rocking rainbow of fizzing fruity flavours.

Spearmint Rainbow

Feel a cool and refreshing icy mint blast with the Shock Spearmint e-liquid, designed to tingle your taste buds and clean the palate.

Strawberry lemonade

Enjoy a refreshing blast of citrus and the delightful fruitiness of berry when you vape this Strawberry Lemonade e-juice.

Tropical Fruit

Transport yourself to a desert island and enjoy the exotic breezes with this delicious Fruit Tropical e-juice. Go on vacation every time you vape!


Give yourself the gift your taste buds have been asking for with a familiar favourite with its very own flavour burst twist.

Watermelon Candy

Take a refreshing break into a summertime island paradise with a watermelon-rich blend of subtle brilliance and relaxing, heavenly sensations.

Watermelon Mojito

A perfect concoction of sweet watermelon, fresh zesty lime and a light touch of mint to electrify your tongue.

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