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Premium Juices Vs Cheap Juices

There are so many e-liquids about in shops and online. When the industry began you could only lay your hands on tobacco and menthol flavours. Now it has exploded into a market with literally hundreds of choices including, fruity, desserts, beverages, and more. You can even choose between premium juice and cheaper ones.

We all wrestle with the question of which juice to choose. Should we stick to only premium juices? Should we buy only less expensive vape juices? There is no black and white answer that satisfies every vaper. But we wanted to let you know why our Premium juices are better than the cheaper counter parts!

What's the difference?

So, all e-liquids start with the same basic ingredients: propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, nicotine (unless zero nic), and flavouring. The difference between a low price and premium e-juice is the flavour profile of the finished product, this is where the cost is in the production of juices. This is largely because there is very little differentiation in  propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.

As the flavour profile is the main difference between premium and cheaper juices lets look at this in a bit more depth.

Flavour profiles

A profile starts with a base recipe that sets the tone of the experience for that liquid. For example, a vape juice manufacturer may start with an apple flavouring in a vegetable glycerin base.

The apple flavouring will be a high-quality confectionary flavouring, additional flavours are then added to both enhance and supplement the apple base. From those additional ingredients the e-liquid mixer creates the desired profile. Which, could be spicy, sweet or icy.

With a premium juice the flavour profile should be both rich and memorable. Like a good wine or chocolate presents the palate with multiple notes of both subtle and robust flavours, a premium e-liquid teases the senses. By the same token, some cheap e-juices are designed with very little flavour profile, so will offer very little after the initial taste. Think of it as the difference between grape juice and a fine wine. Both begin with a grape base, but the wine goes on to give the palate more to enjoy.

Is one better than the other?

At the end of the day it is down to your taste and budget! If you want a deeper more intense flavour then it’s probably worth spending a bit more on a premium juice, like our BigBold range. 

But if you can’t taste the difference between one apple e-liquid and another then a cheaper e-liquid would probably do the job.

Premium e-juice is all about flavour profile. It is more expensive because of the time, effort, and resources that go into creating it. That is not to say lower priced vape juice doesn’t have a deeper flavour and isn’t a good product.

Our juices

The juices we manufacture and stock are mixed using the finest raw materials from around the globe. The flavours come with multiple layers giving a complex depth to them. Our packaging is designed to be eye-catching and produced using high-quality materials. They may be a slightly higher price point, but we want to ensure we are giving you the best products possible and keep you returning! 

If you have any questions regarding our juices then please get in touch and we will be pleased to help you. 

Remember we are your local vaping experts!