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Xros replacement pods




Xros replacement pods

Xros Replacement pods are suitable for use in the following Vaporesso kits:

  • Xros
  • Xros mini
  • Xros 2
  • Xros 3
  • Xros mini 3
  • Xros 3 nano
  • Xros pro

Note: The XROS 0.4Ω Mesh pod option is only compatible with the Vaporesso XROS Pro pod vaping system.

Vaporesso XROS Pod - Cross the limits

Don’t be fooled by the XROS’ size, as the innovative COREX heating technology applied with unique morph-mesh coil structure ensures a more rapid and even heating system, to efficiently vaporise your e-liquid to provide full flavour potential.

XROS pod technology provides higher liquid delivery through the use of fluffier cotton material, preventing burnt taste from shortage of e-liquid and extends the pod longevity by up to 50%.

XROS Pod - Accurate flavour, lasting 50% longer
XROS - Corex heating technology


The XROS series of replacement pods already feature 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω MTL pod choices, with top-filling and Mesh coil features.

In addition to these, the series offers a 1.0Ω for a tighter MTL vape, along with a 0.6Ω RDTL option, delivering a more free inhale while still benefiting from the flavour production that the XROS is known for, and a new powerful 0.4Ω DTL pod for a full direct-to-lung (DTL) experience.

Nic Salt and Free Base

All five XROS pod options are designed for use with both Freebase and Nic Salt e-liquids, with the 0.4Ω and 0.6Ω pods being designed to provide a sweeter experience with freebase e-liquids.

Vaporesso XROS Pod Series - Five top-filling pod options

Five different choices

The XROS series of pods offers five different top-filling pod choices, which are compatible across the XROS range of vaping devices.

XROS Options

  • 0.4Ω – Best: 25w
  • 0.6Ω – Best: 21w
  • 0.8Ω – Best: 16w
  • 1.0Ω – Best: 12w
  • 1.2Ω – Best: 10w

The 0.4Ω XROS pod option is only compatible with the Xros pro pod kit due to its higher power constraints.

Anti-leaking, anti-mess

Vaporesso have included their SSS Leak-resistant technology inside the XROS pods, to lock the e-liquid inside and prevent any leakage.

Vaporesso XROS Series - Anti leaking, anti mess

Top-filling clamshell

The XROS pods are extremely easy to refill your e-liquid with, incorporating a clamshell top-filling design requiring only one hand.

Vaporesso XROS Pod Series - Clamshell top filling

PCTG Material

The XROS series of refillable e-liquid pods are manufactured from eco-friendly PCTG material.