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Pixie Juice V2



Pixie Juice V2 100ml


Lemon & Peach – A harmonious blend of tangy lemon and luscious peach flavours. Experience a burst of citrusy goodness complemented by juicy peaches, offering a refreshing and well-balanced vaping experience.

Raspberry & Plum – A delightful fusion of vibrant raspberries and succulent plums. Experience the refreshing sweetness of ripe raspberries with a pleasant tart undertone, complemented by the rich, velvety sweetness of ripe plums.

Satsuma & Pineapple – The vibrant Satsuma essence offers a zesty tanginess, while the pineapple brings tropical sweetness with natural juiciness.

Blackcurrant & Pear – A harmonious fusion of sweet blackcurrant and smooth pear flavours. The blackcurrant brings a tangy sweetness with notes of dark berries, while the ripe pear adds a subtle sweetness and a crisp texture.

Fuji Apple & Strawberry – A delightful combination of crisp apple and succulent strawberry flavours.