Yeti Cotton Candy




Yeti Cotton Candy Frozen Tropical

The perfect candy blend tropical sweets wrapped with candy floss added with a side kick of ice what’s not to like? This vape juice is refreshing, sweet and mouth-watering.

Yeti Cotton Candy Frozen Grape Blackberry

Ever wondered what frozen berries mixed with fun fair candy floss would taste like? Well now you can try it and boy its goood.

Yeti Cotton Candy Frozen Blue Bubble

Bubble-gum mixed with candy floss. Yes, you heard that correct sweet juicy bubble-gum mixed with sweet cotton candy. Try it today you won’t be disappointed 

Yeti Cotton Candy Frozen Original

The original cotton candy with ice and nothing else just the perfect sweet cotton candy taste we all love 

Yeti Cotton Candy with Cherry and Strawberries 

Cherry’s blended with sweet strawberries and candy floss also chucked in to the mix is that icey cool hit that yeti juice is famous for 

Yeti Cotton Candy Frozen Rainbow

Step in to the land of sweet heavenly goodness, this cotton candy comes blended with multiple different fruit candy sweets and lashings of ice to make this a cool and sweet bottle of delight.

Yeti Cotton Candy Frozen Apple Mango

Sweet crisp apples mixed with fresh sour candied mango blended with ice and candy floss. This flavour is lip smackingly good and we know you’re going to love it.


  • Zero Nicotine 
  • 70/30 vg pg ratio
  • 2x 18mg nic shots mixed with this juice will make it 3mg in nicotine strength.


Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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