Ultimate Heros v Villians Bundle £75


This deal includes 5 x 100ml bottles (flavours of your choice) and a free Voopoo Drag x Pod Kit.


If you wish to purchase this bundle the shop will contact you to select your flavours once your order has been placed. Flavour Profiles are below



Toxic Mask – Sweet Apple, Juicy Mango and Anise

Madame Chaos – Fresh Lemonade, Raspberries and Anise

Evil Queen – Mixed Raspberries, Huckleberry and Eucalyptus

The Big Bossman – Roasted Nuts, Banana Milk and Honey

Doctor Dread – Fresh Blackcurrant & Deep Red Cherry

Death Wish – Classic Sugary Shortbread Buscuit



Night Howler – Dark Grape & Succulent Watermelon

Atomic Blonde – Lushious Lemon & Graham Cracker

Mystic Sorceress – Sweet Strawberry & Heavenly Cream

Storm Surge – Raspberry, Mixed Berries & Pear Drops

Mecha Man – Sweet Cranberry, Mango & Blood Orange

Captain Cosmic – Tropical Mango, Guava & Pineapple

Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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