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What an amazing range we have sourced for you by picking THE BEST flavours from the biggest flavour concentrate companies in the UK.

Blue Raz – Blueberry juice that has been struck with lightning bolts to electrify your taste buds. Its super fresh and super tasty, one to add to your shopping basket for sure!

Watermelon Cherry – Take yourself back to playing in the park with your friends & popping to the shop to pick up a 10p ice pole, sucking on the ice until all the flavour vanishes and your left with just an ice cube. That is how good the Watermelon Cherry is! Bring back memories with this amazing Watermelon Cherry!

Vimpto – A classic flavour that you can enjoy all day. The perfect all day vape that truly does taste like “Vimto” the drink.

Seven Up – A popular flavour with bursting citrus to include a slight fizzy background makes this a breakthrough flavour. Sharp & tasty with a fantastic cloud production. You may even think your getting one of your 5 day with this one. Try it today, you will not be disappointed.

Energy Drink – Are you looking for a juice that tastes exactly like those cold refreshing burst of energy in a can? Well if you are, you have just found it!!! Have the bursting taste of an energy drink without the sugar and calories!!! Tell your friends….They wont believe it!

Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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