Soda King Duo Nic Salts – Raspberry Strawberry


Love strawberries and raspberries then this is the one for you super berry licious.

Soda King 50/50 mix come in 10ml bottles in three different nicotine strengths (3mg, 6mg, and 12mg)

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Soda King Duo Nic Salts – Raspberry Strawberry


APPLE Crisp and sweet Green Apples combine to create a satisfyingly sour flavour profile.

APPLE MANGO A great fruit paring of fresh juicy apples and fully ripened mangos.

APPLE RASPBERRY Juicy ripe apples coupled with sweet plump raspberries creates a flawless flavour that’s to die for! 

BLACKCURRANT N GRAPE Soda King Grape n Black is a combination of purple grapes and blackcurrant form this sensational soda.

BLACK JACK A sweet and sharp Blackjack flavour characterised by distinct Aniseed and Liquorice notes, all infused into a sweet and chewy Candy base. A cool confectionery classic!

BLUE RAZZ  An icy combination of fresh blueberries and sour raspberries that will take you straight back to your childhood!

CHERRY AFFAIR  Tangy Cherry notes combine with a ripe Mixed Berry medley on inhale before a refreshing mix of sharp Aniseed and Menthol round off this retro flavour.

CHERRY SODA A quintessentially classic cherryade soda, brought to you by Soda King. A truly sweet and fizzy sensation!

FRUITY MANGO Fresh mixed fruits bursting with juicy mangos.

LEMON LIME Perfectly sweet & zesty lemon and lime for a refreshing explosion for the taste buds!

PINK LEMONADE Nothing is much more refreshing than delicious raspberry lemonade on a hot summers day!

PURPLE SODA Purple Soda is a fizzy drink consisting of grapes and blackcurrants with a cooling ice hit.

RASPBERRY STRAWBERRY Bursting to the brim with plump ripe strawberries and juicy tangy Raspberries.

RAINBOW SODA Your favourite rainbow sweets all mixed into a bottle full of the bursting flavours of the rainbow.

SHARP APPLE LEMONADE This taste bud sensation with a delightful, sharp green apple on the inhale and a refreshing cloudy lemonade twist on the exhale.

STRAWBERRY Freshly picked succulent Strawberries intertwine hit after hit to create a sweet summer-inspired vape.

THE BERG An instantly recognisable flavour profile featuring mixed red Berries mixed with a cooling breeze of Menthol on exhale.

VYMT’O A refreshingly sweet Mixed Fruit Soda drink flavour featuring ripe Grapes, tangy Raspberries and freshly squeezed Blackcurrant notes.

Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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