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Five brilliantly crafted flavours that will not only tantalise your taste buds, and make you feel like the flavours are dancing all over your tongue, they will also take you back to memories of your favourite childhood treats.


Cool kiss- is a pineapple & grape all day vape, with a gentle note of cooling that enhances the delicate characteristics that both pineapple and grape are known for. An incredibly chilled out vape.


Exotic kiss- enjoy the beautiful and bright combination of pineapple, guava and mango in this summertime juice. Refreshing, Fresh and fruity. It really does taste as tropical as it sounds.


Purple kiss- a sparkling medley of blackcurrant and wild berries. This is perfectly accompanied with a fizzy sensation, that awakens your taste buds. A fruity fizzy favourite drink from your childhood.


Sherbet kiss- brings you a twist on your favourite hard candy lemon treat by finishing with a light dusting of blackcurrant sherbet. It really packs a punch! Truly no rival to this champion of a flavour!!


Rainbow kiss- is bursting at the seams with the flavours of summer fruits, perfectly accompanied with a sherbet sensation that is sure to ignite your taste buds!!



Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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