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Just Jam


Apricot Crumble

 The taste of juicy apricots baked with a sweet biscuit.

Apricot Peach

A delicious blend of sweet and soft peach flavours fused with tangy apricots.

Apricot sorbet

Just Jam Apricot Sorbet eliquid features a delicious scoop of apricot sorbet which has sweet yet tangy flavours that wrap around your taste buds.

Berry Shortbread Cookie

Just Jam Berry Shortbread Cookie eliquid features a delicious blend of sweet ripe berries fused with the most succulent buttery shortbread biscuit.


the ripest pressed blueberries, mixed with that unmistakable Just Jam twist.

Doughnut Raspberry Jam

Just Jam Raspberry Doughnut eliquid features a sweet, delicious raspberry jam-filled into a soft spongy, sugared doughnut.

Doughnut Strawberry Jam

Just Jam Strawberry Doughnut eliquid features a sweet, delicious strawberry jam-filled into a soft spongy, sugared doughnut.


Just Jam Original eliquid features a truly delicious jar of sweet sticky strawberry jam in a bottle


Ripe raspberry jam preserve.

Scone Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam smothered on a freshly baked English scone with generous lashings of Devon cream.

Toast Strawberry Jam

Just Jam Toast Strawberry Jam eliquid features a deliciously sweet sticky strawberry jam layered on a golden toasted slice of bread and a hint of butter.


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