Dot Pro Vape Kit 1x 20mg nic salt pod included



The Dot Pro is a streamlined, air-driven device powered by a 350mAh battery with the capacity of pushing out 5.7Ws.

Its ergonomic design means the device sits nicely in the palm of your hand, pocket and back for on-the-go vaping.#

Easy vaping is the sole design for the Dot Pro having been paired with magnetic prefilled pods that remove coil changes and refills whilst enabling quick assembly.

These pods come with the Choice of Heisenberg Nic Salt pod, Pinkman Nic Salt pod or Tobacco nic salt pod all in 20mg

Packs of 2 pods can also be purchased from our website with the choice of the following flavours

  • Heisenburg
  • Pinkman
  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Lemon Pie

Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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