Big Bold Fruity Ice – Mango Passion


Mango Passion – Big Bold Fruity Ice 100ml

Picture the luscious embrace of ripe mango and the exotic allure of passionfruit, both caressed by the cool touch of ice. The perfect palate cleanser.

70/30 vg/pg

How many nic shots do I add to 100ml? If you have a larger bottle – say a 100ml (when you’re really ready to commit to a flavour) they’ll come with enough space for two nicotine shots meaning you pop two in for the same 3mg strength.

Do nic shots add flavour? A Nicotine Booster or Nic Shot is a 10ml bottle of nicotine that’s mixed with PG and VG. It is flavourless and should only be added to Nicotine 0mg free e-liquid.

Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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