Big 5 Juice Co 100ml


Taste the wild with Big 5 Vape Juice. Their selection of exotic safari flavours will have your tongue in a twist and tastebuds tingling for more! Check out their fruity and creamy ranges.


Fruit Series:

Buffalo: Be part of the herd with this spectacular juicy combination of white grape and the ripest pineapples.


Elephant: Watch out for the stampede for this unusual combination of citrus and strawberry.


Leopard: You’re going to want to pounce on this sweet peach tea, served on the rocks to keep you chilled on your journey through the outback.


Lion: Get your claws into this apex flavour, a mouthwatering pomegranate and lychee slush. Vape like a king.


Rhino: Cherry Plum drink with a Sherbet buzz that will satisfy your tastebuds!Must try!!


Creamy Series:

Emu: For all those chocolate lovers, Emu is a delicious mint chocolate mousse that will leave your mouth watering for more! With this combination, you will always have your dessert before the main meal!


Kangaroo: This is the ultimate dessert e-liquid for those with a sweet tooth. Kangaroo is an indulgent mixture of fresh dates & sweet golden butter, topped with a magical Caramel sauce making this the best sticky date pudding e-liquid you will ever try!


Koala: This is the perfect brew for a proper coffee taste, double shot, 2 sugars and served EXTRA CHILLED!!


Platypus: Pavlova Passion aka The Platypus is a crispy meringue-based dessert with passion fruit, strawberry and a hint of Kiwi fruit, topped with whipped cream!


Wombat: After combining fresh coconuts, with sweetened condensed milk, the zest from a fresh lemon and with a hint of vanilla The Wombat was created, making it the tastiest Lemon Coconut Macaroon flavour known to Vapers.



Add 2 x Nicotine shots to make each 100ml bottle 3mg strength.

Intrigued? Why not give it a try.

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