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Frequently Asked Questions…

Here you will find information about ordering with Irresistible Vapes and also answers to your vaping questions.


Can vaping help me
stop smoking?

Are you trying to stop smoking, but haven’t quite found the right method to aid you? Well, vaping could be the answer.


What device is
right for me?

There are lots of devices you can use and it can be pretty daunting try to choose the correct one for you!


Which vape tank is
best for me?

Vaping is becoming extremely popular, but if you don’t know which tank to go for, you won’t get your desired vaping experience.

The Vapers

Vaping can be super confusing at times, especially with all the terminology. We’ve put together a glossary so you can talk the talk!

Premium Juices Vs
Cheap Juices

There are so many e-liquids about, when the industry began you could only lay your hands on tobacco and menthol flavours.

PG/VG Ratio

E-liquids can appear confusing at first, understanding the basics can help you tailor your vaping experience.

You can place on order online – either as a guest or you can create an account. Or you can order over the phone by calling 01634 712400, And we are open to the public, so feel free to browse.

Currently we only ship to UK mainland.

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We do not accept returns on any products except for faulty hardware, as long as proof of purchase and the original packaging is present.

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When purchasing online you can pay via debit/credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.