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Here comes the Candy Man! featured image

Here comes the Candy Man!

You may have seen on our Facebook page that we now stock American Candy! From Laffy Taffy to Nerds to Jolly Rangers. 

When you’re picking up your favourite juices why not treat the kids (or yourself) to some sweets that are hard to find in the UK! There are some awesome sweets perfect for a treat or a movie night.

Ever tried Warheads? We’ve got the full range – Chewy Cubes, Jelly Beans, Ooze Chews, Worms and Sour Twists. Bursting with flavour these are definitely one to try!

Love Reeses? We have Big Cups and White Chocolate, you can’t say no to a Reeses! 

Hershey’s I hear you say! We have Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Cookies ‘n’ Mint and Hershey’s Gold – Peanuts & Pretzels!

Now there is something special about American Cookie Dough and we have the candy! Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and Fudge Brownie, very moreish but worth every bite!

One we can’t wait to try is the Dr Pepper Cotton Candy. The sweetest American flavour Dr Pepper in a candy floss. Heaven!

Who can remember Nerds from the 90s? We have them in stock in Watermelon & Cherry and Grape & Strawberry. 

We are waiting for some more stock of these, but you will not be disappointed when you try the cans of Chocmel (chocolate milk)! 

More to come…

We have so much more in stock, but we’d be here all day listing everything we have in! So get down to the store and check it out for yourself! All stock will be available online soon, keep your eyes peeled!

We even have vape juices to match the candy flavours! Just ask us if you want a juice to accompany you sweet treat, we are your local vaping experts!