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We have all your candy favourites!

All the must have American Sweets imported directly from our neighbours across the pond. We have world famous chocolates such as Hershey’s and M&Ms, to Sweets like Laffy Taffy and Nerds, to bite sized cookies and cookie dough bites. Our selection is ever changing so keep a watchful eye on this space. You might just find your new favourite sweet treat.

Why not pick up something interesting and fun, as a gift for family or a friend?

Every delightful product we stock has been hand-picked by us to ensure that only the best goodies go through our front door. Mr Wonka would be proud.

Not sure what to pick?

We have some bundles online where you can buy a selection of juices and get some free American Candy to go with it. There is 3 bundles to choose from all at a great price.

3x 100ml Juice Devils, 2x 100ml Banger Juice, 1x Dr Pepper Cotton Candy and 1x Warheads. All for £50 (online)

2x 100ml Trendy Juices, 1x 100ml Banger Juice, 1x 100ml Irresistible Vape Juice, 1x 100ml Fruit Father Juice, 6x 15ml BigBold Juices, 1x Jelly Belly Beans and 1x Nerds. All for £50 (online)

2x 100ml Keep It 100 Juices, 1x 100ml Banger Juice, 1x 100ml Irresistible Vape Juice, 1x 100ml Yeti Juice, 7x 15ml BigBold Juices and 1x Herseys Cookies & Cream. All for £60 (online).

We also have some mystery boxes packed full of candy ranging from £20 to £49.99 (online). You’ll get a great selection of candy packed in, so brilliant for a movie night treat.

Give them a go!

We have all our American Candy in-store and online so why not just pop something in your basket for a little treat! If you’d like a juice that works well with the candy or simply a candy inspired juice guve us a shout and we’ll be able to direct you in the right direction.